I recently changed domain registrars. I switched from GoDaddy to Hover.

Domains transfers are a complex process. Here's the (rough) process I went through transferring each of my domains:

  • Authorize with Hover that I own the domains (through email)
  • Unlock the domains in GoDaddy's portal
  • Submit a request through Hover to transfer the domains
  • Have GoDaddy send me the domain authorization codes
  • Enter the domain authorization codes into Hover
  • Approve the domain transfers in GoDaddy's portal
  • Wait for the transfer to go through

(the order of these steps might not be correct, your mileage may vary)

After 18 hours, my domains were still not functional - peterhajas.com didn't work. I decided to call Hover customer support for help. I dialed the number, and it rang three times.

A voice answered:

Hover support, this is Nathan. How can I help you?

I had not navigated through a menu. I was not put on hold.

To authorize myself with the phone representative, he sent an email. I read him back an authorization code, and this established identity.

Nathan noticed that my nameservers were still set to GoDaddy, and that they had discontinued service to those domains. He offered to change the nameservers of all my registered domains to Hover servers. I said ok, and he made the change. I thanked him, and we ended the call.

I was sent an email that reviewed my call. I was given a ticket number, and the opportunity to obtain more support for this issue. The email had a message written personally by Nathan, my phone representative.

After several hours, the domains began working with the Hover nameservers.

I was very impressed. Highly recommended.